Thursday, March 31, 2011

With spring cleaning....

...comes planning for projects. I love my lists and projects and, after a winter, I have new energy to tackle new or stale projects from the past. I've always drooled over the Oliver & S patterns for kids, especially the cut-out packaging. I've learned a hard lesson with my little girl. These days, she is in control of what she wears and the skirts that mom (ME) made for her, with love, can't compete with the store-bought ballerina skirt she lives in. Oh well.

I was thrilled to see that Liesl Gibson, creator of Oliver & s has a new line - for ladies like me. It's called Lisette: Sew your style. They're part of Simplicity which are sold in lots of places.

Market Tunic

I can see myself wearing so many of these pieces - and she has fabrics too. So no excuses but rather excitement. And, knowing me, I need to not only get excited but start planning for these fashions. It takes me a bit especially as I often get sidetracked.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Color combo

I wake up out of winter and see color everywhere. I grab it and see how it filters into my days.

 This one was in Whole Living. Can't wait to try and make these gloves, upcycled from a worn sweater (a next year project). There is is such a cozy, subtle feel. The cup of coffee doesn't hurt either.

Monday, March 28, 2011


My good friend, Amanda of Fancie Pants Knits, is a crafty wonder. She is a co-founder of Craft night, where we get together, craft and catch up. She is constantly a source of inspiration and support. I wanted to share a pin she made for me - love!!! It made a 'so-so' day spectacular. She's really been into embellishing old sweaters needing new life and thrifted wonders. She's inspired me to refresh some of my go-to cardigans.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Originally uploaded by I am Old Lib

I have so much to share about my everydays and I'm struggling to sum up in 2 minutes.

Although frigid temps are back this weekend (bahhh!!), our spring routinue if off to a great start. We've been going to garage & estate sales, eating more salads and getting the house in spring mode. Yeah.

Here's a thrifted plate with a found candlestick. Voila, a cake plate for treaties.

I am prepping for a trunk show next weekend. So much to show and share.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gym bag

I finally made something out of Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross - Everything Tote. I couldn't stand my vinyl, worn gym bag. Now, I have a washable replacement that might even get me to gym more often.