Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome to the 'hood

We have been talking 'new house' since January. In July we sold our home and bought another. Summer 2009 was the all about the 'move'. Lots of sorting and packing and donating. Lots (and lots) of t.v. for the kids. Coming from someone who LOVES t.v., I really am not a fan of putting your kids in front of it for long periods of time. I exaggerate but there were many times when the t.v. just made everyone (including my husband and I) happy.

We literally moved across the street. We now live in a 1920's craftsman bungalow. Although we loved our old home and miss our neighbors, this new place already feels like home. It is fall now and most boxes are unpacked or in the basement - out of sight, out of mind. These boxes will make a nice project for the winter. I'll share pics of my craft space later.

One of the morning glories from Seed Savers Exchange, Grandpa Ott, was transplanted from our old home to new. Not that we're looking for signs, but what a welcome.

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