Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back at it...

Gardening Apron
The joy of finishing a project. This is 'Not Your Grandmother's Gardening Apron' from You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail. I used a feedsack for body of apron, using floral fabric and ribbon from my stash. My machine had a bit of a meltdown, during craft night. It is all better. phew - lots of projects on the list.

I've given myself a halt on buying anymore fabric/yarn. I have so much to use and have fun with. First, though, I need to organize the sewing room closet. I've started a list of items that would help the sewing room/office feel more inviting. Although I don't dread working in this bit of a room, I don't find it worth staying. I've come up with too may excuses and just want to do.

Here is the current spot:

sewing area

There's so many good things about it. I need to be creative on cost-efficient options. The first thing, though, is ORGANIZE. So I can find what I'm looking for rather than run out to the store to buy.

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  1. Are those "D" rings and delicious grosgrain ribbons I see atop the filing cabinet? I do declare: those would make great belts!!!


    Muriel Morgenstern from Magnolia, Mississippi