Friday, June 4, 2010

Remembering me

I'm reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I LOVE it. Really love it. After a long day, sometimes it feels like a project to open this book, read and reflect. But it is helping, really helping.

As a working mom (inside and outside our lovely home) of two young, wild and innocent children, I sometimes lose sight of me. And it is scary. I crave the creative and am always dabbling in many half begun projects. I love sewing and knitting but sometimes find that I am in love with crafting than the 'doing'.

Blog-land has been great for inspiration and reference especially since I have a small number of friends who craft in town. As much as I love blogs, I find myself immersing myself in other blogs and getting completely lost and overwhelmed. The sum total of blogs I peek into intimidate me. It's almost like I've shown up to a contest and I am not qualified, just interested. Not always a positive experience. I since wonderful things people are creating and I get frustrated with myself for not figuring our how to balance, work, home, and craft. I have aspirations for creating pieces to sell on etsy. How do I act in confidence that I have good eye and I am full of passion? it's proving hard to verbalize. Maybe I should just start doing.

There are so many chapters to reference in the Happiness Project. I am starting with 'Being Elizabeth'. I need to be acceptable of who I am and my abilities. It is one thing to be inspired by others work, it is another thing to weigh me down and erase my confidence. I am finding that I am different and can't compare to anyone. I am trying, ever so hard, in every component of my life to be better and to be me.

*Be Elizabeth*


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I found you through your comment on The Happiness Project (June 4 - Enjoy the Fun of Failure). Your thoughts and doubts really resonated with me.

    Your suggestion that maybe you should "just start doing" is a good one, I think. Don't think about the whole journey all at once. Just make that first piece, and make it for yourself, to please your eye, not someone else's. That will give you the most joy and will keep your creation true to your vision of what is beautiful and wonderful. I think this is the only way that art of any kind is made.

    (Then, if you are pleased with what you've created, see if it will sell. There is a world of buyers out there - especially when using the internet - and someone else will love it too, guaranteed.)

    Please keep us updated with how you are doing!

  2. I can't thank you enough for your kind and inspirational words. Really. It is just what I needed.