Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up and Away

We're home. restored. I am breathing better. Actually, I've picked up a chest cold but nonetheless I have been rejuvinated. The stress is gone from the shoulders and I have re-charged. We've even had hints of fall weather and I am loving it.

Lots of reflection so here we go.

I have a tendency to raise the bar too high for myself and then I get overwhelmed. viscious circle. I am always checking in on the balance. Seasonal shifts are great. Although I'm not returning to school, I find it necessary to thank summer for a great, although hot, time and look forward to fall and new beginnings.

Bits of reflection.
 - I want to cook more and better. Nothing elaborate. I've also come to the realization that easy is the key on certain week days.
 - As much as I am enjoying blogging, I am finding it is taking a good percentage of my craft/inspiration time. Looking forward, I want to prioritize doing rather than writing about it (realizing though, that that is cool too!)
 - letting things go. I wanted to do some preserving/canning this summer and maybe there is still time but realistically there might not be. And that is ok. there's always next year.
 - I realize I am a continuous learner. And that is a good thing.
 - I am glad to be crafting monthly with my friends. I look forward to this time and revel in their creativity.
 - My kids are growing fast. Life is full of moments. I know I can be doing more and creating this 'perfect' childhood. who am I kidding? I'm doing pretty good. I love the imperfections.
 - With our new home (it's been a year!), I get overwhelmed with how I want things to look and the energy/money associated. baby steps. prioritize and plan. Can't do it all. It wouldn't be fun.
 - There a lot of creative people out there and it is not a competition. I do what I can. If I get ETSY up and some craft shows, great. If not, oh well. There's always tomorrow. I'd rather make things I am proud of. I need to start doing. And I am...
 - I need to schedule more fun time for me. Otherwise, days go to fast and robotic mode sets in. not so fun heading toward burn out.
 - I'm working on finding the cozy spots in our home. It's important. Just takes more than snapping fingers.

Phew. It feels good and right.

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