Friday, April 15, 2011

Freely float

'Up in the Sky' by Majalin

  • I just stumbled upon Take your Life Back Using Microsoft Outlook by Sally McGee (via Scoutie Girl). Tips that are helpful and not overwhelming. With my recent conversion to iphone, I am loving anything that will get me more organized and doing.
  • I need to get motivated to take back my sewing area/office. After the craft show hurricane comes through, I need to re-group. I find myself doing everything except want to spend time in there. I hope to dedicate some time to spring cleaning, organizing, and finding ways to making this space more inviting for me.
  • As much as I love springtime, I am feeling frozen. We had a talented landscape architect neighbor draw up some plans. Now, with budget and schedules in hand, it is time to prioritize. I know it will feel better once there is a plan but for now, all our ideas are swirly and a bit overwhelming. I hope our seedlings in raised beds make it....

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