Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the zone...

I've been crafting up a storm for a craft trunk show tommorow. I said I would't stress and I haven't. That being said, I've dedicated more time to it than originally thought. In a good way. I always learn from these experiences.
  • Ideal background 'noise' is 'This American Life.' It's the right balance of keeping my mind on task - cutting, sewing, stitching. Sometimes movies on netflix require too much attention and some songs gets me agitated for not feeling right.
  • I work better in blocks of time. As sweet of a thought to craft the day away, it is not my reality. I've found if I dedicate select time, keeping watch with an egg timer. This keeps me focused and balanced with the rest of my life - house, kids, work, etc.

Amidst the chaos, I try to remember and smell the jasmine. It has a way of lifting spirits in winter.

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