Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ray of light

Saw bits of the sun this weekend. Getting ready for spring, at least mentally.

Oh, by the way, here are pics of the Lace Ribbon Scarf I finished. It's a bit long but I like the rounds of wrapping or wearing a bit loosely.

close up of Lace Ribbon scarf

Starting seeds indoors this week for: chives, lavender and parsley. I've had a chance to flip through Gayla Trail's new book - Grow Great Grub. LOVE it. She is that 'friend' who encourages me to keep at it with my gardening. I love her tips for growing in small spaces, her 'green' focus and that it doesn't take tons of money to get started. My kind of projects. The photos are delicious. Spring can not get here fast enough.

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