Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Winter Wonderland

SNOW day!! We're home today recovering from the shoveling and playing outside. I'd say we had about 28 inches. We are thankful for our warm home base. Lots of neighbors helping each other out. Reminders of the great community we live in. There is suppose to be another storm a-coming Tues. evening. Till then we're staying cozy. I realize there aren't many pics of G. He was out shoveling a good portion of our neighbors out.

Blast from the past - plastic bag lined boots. 

O & Mama Oliver & Mama

new tree & snow
A curbside tree we planted in front of our home in fall. We hope it makes it through winter.

O & V snow    snow via heart
The storm through our Valentine wreath

Viv & Hot Chocolate 
A marshmallow grin after drinking hot chocolate. (homemade by our buddy Nelson)

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