Monday, November 8, 2010

A Summer memory

I realize, and can't believe!, Thanksgiving is in a couple weeks. I was going through some pics and was reminded of the great time our family had on the Cape. Here are some of my visual, inspirational reminders of our summer holiday.


There are so many sweet spots to stop and see including Karen's Garden Cottage Antiques. I dream about being the owner of such a show. I am in love with the idea in my head. Shabby chic goodness! Loved this 'garage' linked to home by wisteria pergola. Just dreamy.


Loved walking the streets of Wellfleet. Time stood still around every corner.


Loved the colors (and smoothies) from The Juice.



secret garden shop wellfleet

Oh and this sign and yellow door. Memories are flooding back and, all of a sudden I am surrounded by the warmth of family escape this summer. Delights all around.

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