Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peek into snowy bliss

We finally are receiving our long-awaited snowstorm. Kids school is closed as well as mine.

For the most part these 'days off' are listed as lazy but I find myself (and the kids) doing lots. Lots of good - a bit of work and play.
  • A chance to make No-knead bread adapted by Sullivan Street Bakery. Definitely have time today.
  • Trying out our new teapot.
  • Reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.
  • Started a rag rug for the kitchen. Strips are being kept in a thrifted bag at the Brooklyn Flea.

Glimpses from around the house:

The bar is set so low these days and yet these days seem fulfilling. My kind of day as I float from one thing to the next. Not everything needs completing. I love that the goal of such a free day is to do what you please, more else at home base.

And there's more snow a-coming. Yeah!!

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