Sunday, January 24, 2010

Escaping to England

I wish.

Rather, I stumbled upon an article in Feb. 2010 - Vanity Fair: "A Woman of Substance, Persephone Books' Feminine Mystique" by Christa D'Souza. She describes this series as : 'evok[ing] cozy and nostalgic memories of London train rides, Yardley English Lavender, freshly brewed tea being poured into a proper china cup, a spring popping out of a slightly doggy-smelling armchair.'
take. me. away.


We're expecting a rainy day today (flood warnings) and g has a cold. If only I could get my hands on some of these titles from Persephone Books. The endpapers featured on some of these titles are just beautiful. D'Souza writes that, some of the endpaper designs come from scarves and tea gowns to name a few sources. Really - how lovely. It is a pleasure to discover such a series brought back to life by imprint founder Nicola Beauman, taking such a desire for making such special books - text and book design a delight to savor. In a time where publishers are creating such mass produced formula texts, it is a treat to find such books.
Jane from Yarnstorm highlights many of these books. Until I am able to go back to England and plan a visit to Persephone Books, I hope we can get more and more of these titles via Amazon in our hands in the U.S.

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