Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm here...

Happy New Year

New Year's grapefruit

I know it is mid-January but I've been doing lots of thinking about my relationship with me and my blog. I paused to reflect and am now to finally ready to write. I want this forum to be a place for me to learn about myself - especially my creative side. I will try to stay positive but sometimes a girl needs to vent.

I want to write for me. Sounds a bit selfish but not intended. The Internet is a very good thing and I find myself losing hours, perhaps days peeking around at other crafty and creative blogs. It's one thing to get inspired; it's another to get overwhelmed and lose confidence in my ability. I've been hanging out in the later and that just isn't fun. I want to find a creative community 'out there' for support. I need to remind myself of the inspirational things surrounding me. everywhere. walking from the parking lot, waiting at the grocery check out, at the doctor's office, the gaping hole reminding me my baby lost his first tooth.

I get it. It can be difficult raising 2 kids (under 6), keeping our house a home, working inside and outside this home while pursuing creative endeavors and standing, with energy of course. But I also know I need more and try to figure out this balance-thang. So, new start. I want to embrace my every days and capture words and images that will motivate me to find my creative authentic self. I'm writing for me and if I find some friends along the way, even better. SO, rather than wait for the perfect moment when all is quiet and I am in mode, i think now is better than ever. I'm excited. Writing it down makes it more real.

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